OOP Design Patterns

Here is some good reference for Object Oriented Programming design patterns. 1. http://www.oodesign.com/ 2. http://java.dzone.com The Observer Pattern The Adapter Pattern The Facade Pattern The Factory Method Pattern The Abstract Factory Pattern The Singleton Pattern The Strategy Pattern The Visitor […]

Camel Import Tool

How many times have you need to import raw data in your database? In the company that I work (Cloudbiz ), this used to be a very common scenario. As a company that specializes in CRM systems, we had the […]

Open CSV

Open CSV is a java library that is used to manipulate CSV files. You can find the URL of the project here: http://opencsv.sourceforge.net/ and here: https://github.com/mdagis/SampleOpenCsv is a working example in case you want to download ready to play project.